Miyawaki Forest /Yard Sign Making Party

Saturday, November 12, at Kelly’s Working Well Farm from 10 – 4 pm

A Miyawaki Forest is an ultra dense, biodiverse pocket forest that recreates the complexity of natural forests and the relationships and processes that help it grow strong and resilient. By giving home to a vast array of native species, it boosts the biodiversity of the area and nurtures pollinators, supporting and restoring ecosystems. It sequesters carbon in the soil, reduces air pollution and soil contamination, improves water absorption to buffer against flooding and erosion, and cools the surrounding area to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

It also creates a living classroom for people and communities to learn about native ecology, engage in stewardship, and experience the interconnectedness of the natural world. https://bio4climate.org/miyawaki-forest/

On November 12 we will be installing a 300 square foot Miyawaki Forest in the middle of our back pasture. This mini-forest is a pilot project for what we hope will be dozens of such forests planted in Northeast Ohio over the next couple of years.

Concurrently, the CVLC will also be holding a yard sign making party at the farm. Bring your old political signs or other potential sign material, spray paint, etc. We will provide stencils and other guidance.

This will be a fun family event with hot drinks and food. Bring your own tableware and a dish to share if you like. Come for 15 minutes or the whole day!

Holiday Craft Fair

Sunday December 4th from 1-5pm @ Chagrin Falls Methodist Church 20 S. Franklin St. Chagrin Falls

Join us for our annual Holiday Craft Fair featuring products from the farm, the CVLC and other local arts and crafts vendors. Items such as candles, soaps and lotions, jewelry, crochet and knitted goods, paintings, ceramics, handmade decor, jams and holiday treats will be available. A great chance to stock up on meaningful gifts for holiday sharing! There will also be a Pancake Bar and Silent Auction – fun for the whole family!

If you would like to be a vendor, submit the registration form by November 20 https://forms.gle/mw3eGLB3WktzRRFv9.  A $60 deposit is due by December 1st to hold a table.

If you are interested in making a donation for the Silent Auction contact the Chagrin Valley Learning Collective at thecvlc@gmail.com

Final Chicken Harvest this weekend!

This is your last chance of 2022 to get Kelly’s Working Welll Farm fresh pastured poultry ready for the oven or freezer. Birds are priced at $5.50/lb and available Friday (November 11) afternoon until 4:00 pm, Saturday (November 12) from 10 to 3:00 pm, or by appointment. Call Jim at (330)803-8749 or email kelly@morethanafarm.org to reserve your birds and arrange for pickup.

Our chickens are raised on organic feed supplemented with spent brewer’s grains form a local brewery, and moved to fresh pasture twice a day. We process our birds ourselves on the farm. If you are interested in learning how to process chickens contact us!