Take one piece of abandoned property at the edge of town, add a handful of sheep and goats, plus chickens and a couple of dogs, invite the community, and voila!  This is the story of Kelly’s Working Well Farm.

In 2012, Kelly and her  husband Bill began what would become their life’s work; to turn that deserted land into an educational farm with a veggie garden, orchard, farm animals, community gatherings & summer camps attracting hundreds of children. Earth skills and other environmental workshops & events drew folks from all over northeast Ohio. Even then, visitors to the farm were quick to call it a magical place!

Kelly soon retired from twenty plus years of teaching to start the self-directed education program that is now Chagrin Valley Learning Collective. Inspired by Peter Gray’s book “Free to Learn”, the Learning Collective promotes the development of children’s autonomy & connection through personal freedom and community self-government. It is unique in that it also provides farm & nature immersion as foundational experiences for its participants.

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The farm is an environment that we feel very comfortable and excited about having our children engaged in. It is one that fosters exploration, creativity, thinking outside of the box and a genuine sense of connection to nature which is sorely lacking in too much of our daily lives.

~ Annie D