Kelly's Working Well Farm

more than a farm

At the foundation of the “More Than a Farm” vision is the utilization of a farm as a means to develop and share practices that honor the earth and the interconnectedness  of all living things. The farm provides a unique and natural setting in which to collaborate with others to discover and cultivate ideas and practices integral to a successful society. In the process, community members of all ages develop their ability to engage with the challenges and opportunities that confront us. Through this model, we are  building a community anchored in social justice, localized resilience building, and Earth stewardship, with a focus on Earth and human centered education that is rooted in history and place. Our greater goal is to create a movement that goes beyond our farm, and serves as a model to build more resilient, caring, and sustainable communities in the northeast Ohio region and beyond. 



The Story of our Founder

Kelly clark

Take one piece of abandoned property at the edge of town, add a handful of sheep and goats, plus chickens and a couple of dogs, invite the community, and voila!  This is the story of Kelly’s Working Well Farm.


Chagrin Valley Learning Collective

Its is our mission to create and maintain a community governed, self-directed learning environment.

Reeds & Roots Skillshare

We promote sustainable living by teaching earth-friendly skills in a joyful, healthy atmosphere.

Food Forest / Nursery

An intense polyculture of native and non-native trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, “weeds” and supporting nursery.

Kelly's Working Well Farm

A educational permaculture farm featuring a variety of community activities.

New Building

Capital Campaign

We will grow & enrich our students with this new building on our farm property. Our building will be designed so we can also connect the community through gatherings, summer camps & workshops.