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Freedom. Trust. Equality.

Welcome to Chagrin Valley Learning Collective.


Chagrin Valley Learning Collective is a self-governing community of children, ages 5 – 18, and adult staff in which members direct their own learning in a mixed-ages, outdoor oriented environment. Freedom from coercive instruction, and the opportunity to be a fully empowered participant in community governance are the primary tenets of CVLC. We believe that at any age, the highest quality of learning occurs when a person engages in freely chosen activities on their own or with others, and that empowered participation in community governance helps develop respect, accountability, and responsibility. For the 22-23 season the program is held Tuesday through Friday, 8:30-4pm for Spring, Winter and Fall sessions.

Our commitment

Chagrin Valley Learning Collective is committed to welcoming and valuing families of all backgrounds or circumstances. We strive to build an organization that insures freedom, trust, and equality.

our mission

It is our mission to create and maintain an environment in which participants enjoy freedom from coercive instruction and the opportunity to be a fully empowered participant in community governance. We recognize and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, providing a safe space for them to be themselves, and practice autonomy and community engagement, on their way to becoming independent lifelong learners.

our benefits

Abundant free time to play and connect with the natural world; child led mediation and problem-solving system; the responsibility and freedom of living in a mixed age “mini-society”; field trips, special guests, and entrepreneurial opportunities; affordable tuition & financial aid.

register today

Depending on availability, there is continuous open registration. CVLC is not recognized as a school by the Ohio Department of Education, and upon enrolling families must register as homeschoolers with their respective towns.

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