Our Struggle continues into its 4th Year

Bainbridge Township is trying to prevent us from holding farm camp and farm immersion programming. In spite of the agreement we signed in the spring of 2022 allowing us to finally resume agritourism operations they have continued to take actions designed to make it difficult for us to conduct our lawful activities (see this page for more details).

Nevertheless, for the first time since 2019, we held Farm Camp for seven weeks this summer and have hosted the Chagrin Valley Learning Collective (CVLC) since September. It has been such a joy to have people back on the farm, especially children. Each day kids spend their time outdoors exploring the farm, interacting with the animals, learning about where their food comes from, and asking weighty questions like “why can’t we keep these cute piglets forever?”

We believe that local government exists to help solve the problems of their constituents, not to endlessly search for ways to prevent them from pursuing activities that are beneficial to the community. The behavior of Bainbridge Township officials in this case is wrong and they must be stopped.

We need Your Help!

If you think that families in the Chagrin Valley and beyond should have the option for their children to attend farm camp or the CVLC at Kelly’s Working Well Farm here are some ways you can help…

  1. Join our public awareness campaign: Post to social media, call and write to Bainbridge officials and the Geauga County prosecutors office, plant a yard sign in front of your house!
  2. Save the date and plan to attend the rescheduled trial: Chardon Municipal Courthouse, 9:00 am Wednesday, February 7, 2023.
  3. Donate to the Farm! This case has cost us tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and payments to engineers, architects and so on.
  4. Contribute a testimonial. If you or someone you know has attended KWWF summer camp or Chagrin Valley School or Learning Collective and would like to add your support, please email a brief description of how that program was valuable to kellyworkingwell@gmail.com.

We want to show Bainbridge Township officials that their campaign of harassment against us is misguided and should end immediately.

We showed up!

more than a farm

At the foundation of the “More Than a Farm” vision is the utilization of a farm as a means to develop and share practices that honor the earth and the interconnectedness  of all living things. Our greater goal is to create a movement that goes beyond our farm, and serves as a model to build more resilient, caring, and sustainable communities in the northeast Ohio region and beyond. 

Welcome to Kelly's Working Well Farm
Our farm provides a unique and natural setting in which to collaborate with others to discover and cultivate ideas and practices integral to a successful society.
Developing Our Community
Community members of all ages develop their ability to engage with the challenges and opportunities that confront us.
Building a Model
Our farm is a model for building a community anchored in social justice, localized resilience building, and Earth stewardship, with a focus on Earth and human centered education that is rooted in history and place.

Upcoming Events

We are now planning events for 2023 such as foraging, grafting, and pruning workshops, as well as more Miyawaki Forest installations and other Earth regeneration projects. Watch this space and/or sign up for our newsletter (below) to keep updated.

For more information see Workshops and Special Events

Kelly’s Working Well Farm is an educational permaculture farm dedicated to the community. We raise a wide variety of animals, and grow a diverse array of perennial fruit and nut trees and shrubs, plus herbs and an annual vegetable garden. The farm also showcases several structures using local materials and natural building techniques. 

We believe the highest quality of learning occurs when a person engages in freely chosen activities on their own or with others.

Through our partnerships with like-minded organizations we are dedicated to building a more beautiful, healthy, inspiring community.