Welcome to Kelly's Working Well Farm
Our farm provides a unique and natural setting in which to collaborate with others to discover and cultivate ideas and practices integral to a successful society.
Developing Our Community
Community members of all ages develop their ability to engage with the challenges and opportunities that confront us.
Building a Model
Our farm is a model for building a community anchored in social justice, localized resilience building, and Earth stewardship, with a focus on Earth and human centered education that is rooted in history and place.

more than a farm

At the foundation of the “More Than a Farm” vision is the utilization of a farm as a means to develop and share practices that honor the earth and the interconnectedness  of all living things. Our greater goal is to create a movement that goes beyond our farm, and serves as a model to build more resilient, caring, and sustainable communities in the northeast Ohio region and beyond. 

Fall Plant sale/Community Swap Meet

Fall is a great time to put in perennials such as trees and shrubs. Join us at the farm on Saturday, September 24 from 11:00 to 3:00 pm to purchase plants, many native and/or food producing, and to participate in our first community swap meet!

Fall Plant Sale: Jes Burns from KWWF, John Wright from Red Beet Row, and others will be offering potted plants, many native and/or food and medicine producing, such as Echinacea purpurea, Hibiscus moscheutos, Sambucus canadensis (elderberry), Ribes nigrum ‘Consort’ (black currant), Rubus occidentalis (black raspberry), Lindera benzoin (spice bush), Corylus americana (American hazelnut), and more. Local artist Fran Clark will have garden and seasonal art for sale.

fall harvest canning

Fall Harvest Community Swap Meet
A swap meet is a great way to share the bounty of the season with others while building community. Your yard may be overflowing with beautiful fall flowers, while your neighbor may be processing a bumper crop of tomatoes! Bring your extra produce, flowers, plant cuttings, seeds, nature crafts, preserves, you could even offer intangibles like skills and time, to barter with friends and community members. Bring them to the swap meet tent and see what others have to share!

The swap meet will start at noon on Saturday, September 24. Look for the Swap Meet sign!

Kelly’s Working Well Farm is an educational permaculture farm dedicated to the community. We raise a wide variety of animals, and grow a diverse array of perennial fruit and nut trees and shrubs, plus herbs and an annual vegetable garden. The farm also showcases several structures using local materials and natural building techniques. 

We believe the highest quality of learning occurs when a person engages in freely chosen activities on their own or with others.

Through our partnerships with like-minded organizations we are dedicated to building a more beautiful, healthy, inspiring community.