Welcome to Kelly's Working Well Farm
Our farm provides a unique and natural setting in which to collaborate with others to discover and cultivate ideas and practices integral to a successful society.
Developing Our Community
Community members of all ages develop their ability to engage with the challenges and opportunities that confront us.
Building a Model
Our farm is a model for building a community anchored in social justice, localized resilience building, and Earth stewardship, with a focus on Earth and human centered education that is rooted in history and place.

more than a farm

At the foundation of the “More Than a Farm” vision is the utilization of a farm as a means to develop and share practices that honor the earth and the interconnectedness  of all living things. Our greater goal is to create a movement that goes beyond our farm, and serves as a model to build more resilient, caring, and sustainable communities in the northeast Ohio region and beyond. 

Upcoming Events

Registration for Summer Farm Camp is now open!

Ages 5 – 14, M-F 9 am to 3 pm. Sign up for a single weeks or the whole summer.

Go to Summer Camps for more information and to register

Rescheduled for Sunday, April 7!

Register here: https://forms.gle/gBpfKNpKoXsLQ5k19

This workshop will also include a mid-afternoon pot-luck/social and the chance to help install the chickens in their new habitat.

Suggested donation: $10-$60

Register here: https://forms.gle/CWCdtDfH7w8Yuhrc6

This workshop will also include a mid-afternoon pot-luck/social.

Suggested donation: $10-$50

Register here: https://forms.gle/Nyag3CPTxFaycFZM8

And save the date

for our

Spring Plant Sale!

For more information about these and other events go to Workshops, Special Events and Opportunities

KWWF and CVLC on TV!

Thanks to Jack Shea and his crew from Fox News 8 for coming out to do a story about our situation! After the judge determined that our educational programming does qualify as agritourism, Bainbridge Township has decided to appeal that decision. This makes it harder for us to resolve the remaining fire code citations with the fire inspector continuing to claim that he is not qualified to inspect the buildings for which he issued those citations. Go to Public Awareness Campaign for updates and to learn more.

Kelly’s Working Well Farm is an educational permaculture farm dedicated to the community. We raise a wide variety of animals, and grow a diverse array of perennial fruit and nut trees and shrubs, plus herbs and an annual vegetable garden. The farm also showcases several structures using local materials and natural building techniques. 

We believe the highest quality of learning occurs when a person engages in freely chosen activities on their own or with others.

Through our partnerships with like-minded organizations we are dedicated to building a more beautiful, healthy, inspiring community.


Fire Code violations may exist on this Property. No agritourism activity shall be held within ten feet of any of the structures including the yurt, pavilion, tree barn, red cottage, library, and farm store.